Commercial Concrete

Concrete Bindings produces floors to exacting standards
  • Do you have very specific requirements?
  • Perhaps you’re after a certain aesthetic?
  • Is there an exact lightness factor you’re looking for?
  • Is a level floor vital to your operation?
  • Is meeting deadlines essential?

Our team have the skills, experience and infrastructure to meet specific technical outcomes and deadlines.

"For over 20 years, I’ve worked locally and internationally with consultants on large, complex projects, acquiring skills and techniques in line with international best practice. If you have a particular outcome you want to achieve, I can help you achieve it."
Clayton Bennett

Project Experience

We love the challenge of large commercial projects. We have considerable experience in the following areas:

Factory, Warehouses and Racking & Equipment Suppliers

Owners and operators of warehouses, as well as racking and equipment suppliers, require a flatness and levelness in a floor that enables efficient operation at minimum cost. This is vital to the health and safety of staff as well.

The specialised end use of your floors requires a high performance floor slab with excellent abrasion resistance, minimal cracking and long term durability. Slab flatness and levelness has a major impact on achieving this criteria – we can ensure you get it!

We understand that aesthetics and performance are vitally important. You’ll want to ensure a level of flatness to support the smooth running of your stores, and provide an optimal shopping environment for your customers.

We can ensure you achieve your desired look, including lightness factors and colour, and meet technical outcomes to exacting standards.

Large format retail

Civil Concrete Works

Concrete Bindings performs to the highest standards within the industry. This is why we’re contractors of choice for large projects like hospitals, water treatment plants, power plants and more. 

We enjoy the versatility and constant challenges of major projects like the EP3 Power Plant at Huntly Power Station. This is our longest continuous pour – 14 hours and 200 truck loads @ 1000 cubic metres. We can tackle projects with ease that others can’t. 

Why Concrete Bindings

20 Years Experience
Excellent Reputation
Extensive, Well Maintained Machinery
Value Adding, Innovative solutions
Fully Insured
Safe Practices
Efficient, Cost Effective Processes
We Take Care Of Our People
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We Take Care Of Our Clients