Residential Concrete

We work to your budget and vision
  • Do you have a particular look in mind?
  • Do you want to know if it’s achievable and how much it will cost?
  • Perhaps you’re after ideas to suit your house and the surrounding environment?

From house foundations through to polished concrete floors, driveways and decorative features, our team can do it all!

As a residential customer, you benefit from the expertise of a large, professional company that works smart and fast. Thereby saving you time and money, while providing the best finish possible.

We have the best equipment, staff and work practices to get your job done efficiently, cost-effectively and with minimal disruptions to your property.

We work to your budget and vision, with solutions to achieve the look you desire.

Free consultation

Call us for your complimentary consultation which includes:

  • Free measure and quote
  • Advice on the different products, colours and finishes available
  • Indicative costings on products, colours and finishes
  • Recommendations on which look would best suit your property

Our Services

As a residential customer you benefit from the same high quality service we provide our commercial and international clients, such as:

Acid Wash and Sealing

Acid wash is widely used to clean concrete floors, brickwork and stone. It removes unsightly concrete and plaster leaving a new look finish.

Sealing provides long lasting durability, maintains color and offers excellent protection against staining.

Need building pads laid fast? Perhaps you’re after a concrete floor for your new home? Talk to us. We understand the urgency to get your project underway ASAP.

Our team are highly experienced and we have the latest equipment to ensure a smooth, defect-free finish.

Concrete House floors

Decorative Concrete

Concrete Bindings provides decorative concrete for your every need and unique designs can be catered for.

Custom texture, colour and finish are included in our quality workmanship. Various custom works can create a look that magnifies the natural beauty of cement.

While plain gray concrete is still the most often installed, we offer a number of alternatives. Today, the concrete choice has expanded to include a multitude of decorative concrete options.

From concept to finish, our goal is to provide our customers with a quality, cost effective driveway with a focus on each customers special requirements.

Driveways & Kerbing

Why Concrete Bindings

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